Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m Mandy, a San Diego teacher and Bork.

A Bork is a book dork, and while I was given this moniker by a friend for my seemingly ridiculous amount of reading, I like to think that the dork part of the term is significant to the overall meaning. You see, there are geeks, nerds, and dorks, and all have different definitions and requirements for belonging to those categories. Within each of those categories are subsets. Every year, I become fully aware of this when I attend Comic-Con in San Diego and marvel about all the different types who frequent it. There are comic book geeks, video game nerds, Sci-Fi nerds, Horror geeks, TV show nerds, Steampunk nerds, LARPers, and… you get the idea.  I belong to the subset of nerds who are into books! I love to read, talk about books, get recommendations on books, give recommendations on books, compare things to books, watch TV shows and movies related to books, say phrases such as “Well in the book…”, and so on. Thus, a Bork!

Being such a Bork, I have decided to branch out from my usual victims (friends, family, husband), and share my love of books with you! Bigger audience– more opportunities for Borking out!

While I am a dork who specializes in books, some of my other “dorky” interests will probably also appear on this blog. I am interested in cooking, gardening, some TV shows (both traditional and web-based), occasional movies, and other things that cross my radar. In regards to books, which will take up the majority of this blog, I tend to read a lot of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Classics. I’m also taking a major interest in Magical Realism thanks to my recent discovery of the novels of Sarah Addison Allen.

I hope you enjoy my blog and comment regularly with your own reflections and recommendations!