Today, I took myself out on an Artist Date! An Artist Date is when you spend an hour or so, on your own, doing something that you love or that might inspire creativity in you. It’s part of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way program, in which I am nearing the end of my third week. I will go into more details about that on a future date, but if you’re interested in the program, click the above link.

So, this week’s Date was a visit to my favorite indie bookstore Mysterious Galaxy! This bookstore specializes in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal Romance, and Horror. It also has an awesome collection of Young Adult novels as well as a decent selection of graphic novels. I love this place!

I browsed for awhile, admiring their fun book-related gifts and novelties. Next, I discovered that there is a new release of some of Ray Bradbury’s stories called A Pleasure to Burn.  Apparently, this is a collection of short stories that Bradbury wrote pre-Fahrenheit 451 that relate to the themes in his classic novel. I coveted this book, but I had barely gotten there, so I moved on.

I browsed the George R.R. Martin area, looking for one of his anthologies, but instead had a happy accident! I found some PR foldout posters for the Game of Thrones HBO series (of which I am a big fan). According to the very helpful gentleman who works at the store, these were free, so I grabbed two–one for me and one for my Game of Thrones buddy!

After a lot of browsing, I settled on two paperbacks–the newly released Pay Me in Flesh by K.Bennett (pseudonym for James Scott Bell, author of the best book on writing–Plot & Structure) and Shakespeare’s Landlord by Charlaine Harris. I’m very excited because                                                                                                                                        A. I’ve never read any of Bell’s fiction and I love zombie fiction!                              B. I love Charlaine Harris’s writing style and can’t wait to meet one of her other characters!                                                                                                                             C. I am addicted to buying books and I am still riding high on the rush!

I was also pleased to find a card for my friend who loves cats–it’s some sort of fairy-cat with a dragon on the card! Love it! Overall, it was a great Artist Date and I highly recommend anyone who lives in Southern California to visit one of their stores in San Diego or Redondo Beach. If not, they sell books online as well. Visit them at!