I have done a lot of reading this week, and yet haven’t finished a book! It seems that I now have to balance my reading (and listening) of books with my new passion for reading other blogs! Fine by me, but unfortunately I have less time to do so, what with the new school year starting.

This week, I have been delighting in Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, a historical fiction/fantasy/romance novel about a woman’s time-traveling adventures to 18th century Scotland. I don’t read many romance novels, but I know one when I see one, and if all romance novels were written as well as Outlander, I would be a regular peruser of the Harlequin section at Target!

I’m also trying to hurry up and finish Nightmares and Dreamscapes (audiobook) by Stephen King. It’s due back at the library in two days, so I’d better get hopping! Right now, I’m listening to his story “You Know They’ve Got a Hell of a Band,” as read by Grace Slick, and it’s awesome! I’ve read this story before, but when being read to by one of the hardest-rocking women of the 60’s, with her toughened voice, it casts a whole new tone on the plot and characters. I highly recommend this audio book!

Biting off more than I can chew, on Thursday, I began the Fall Reading Challenge hosted by the Seasonal Reading Challenge group at Goodreads. I’m really not sure that I’m going to finish this….I also joined the R.I.P. challenge at Stainless Steel Droppings, and I KNOW that I will complete this challenge! I will complete Peril the First, as well as Peril of the Screen and maybe Peril of the Short Story. I love Horror in October, so this challenge should be easy!

A lot of my time this week was spent on reading new (to me) blogs. There are some really interesting book bloggers out there, and many have me eagerly awaiting their next post each morning! A few of these blogs are

  1. Tabula Rasa: An eclectic book blog written by a young lady in India who enjoys reading and recommending books ranging from Stephen King to out-of-print children’s books. Currently, she’s planning on conquering Shakespeare, so I’m rooting for her!
  2. A Reader’s Pensieve: Great title, right? This blog is authored by an English teacher in Michigan who tends to read a wide range of books both for herself and with a critical eye as a teacher. She has a great voice, and I’m only a little worried that, with the new school year starting on Tuesday, she won’t be posting as often as I’d like!
  3. Randomize Me: This blogger posts daily deals for e-readers! Thanks to one of this week’s posts on Randomize Me, I downloaded a free copy of The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie. This blog is highly recommended for anyone with an e-reader!
  4. Regular Rumination: I think this blog is pretty well-known, and if it isn’t, it should be! Regular Rumination is produced by a young lady who also is a member of the Friday Reads crew on Twitter as well as a voting member (Poetry) of the Indie Lit Awards. Obviously, she is very busy and hasn’t posted much recently, but I have been thoroughly enjoying reading her archives which cover an eclectic mix of books as well as regular posts of poetry.

This coming week, I return to teaching 7th grade English. I teach at a public school in urban San Diego, in a neighborhood that could definitely be defined as low on the socio-economic pole. Because my students don’t have a lot of exposure to books in their home lives, I make it a mission to push as many new young adult novels at them as possible. Last year, I was highly successful in getting my most reluctant readers to pick up The Hunger Games series after showing them a fan-created YouTube video depicting Rue’s death. Admittedly, it was a bit violent, but it was definitely worth it, since it got those kids to pick up a book! What new books should I push on them this year? Any good recommendations for 7th graders?