I’m still wearing the same pajamas I wore for the last 39 hours. I need a shower, my butt is numb from sitting in nearly the same position all day and night yesterday, and I am pretty close to killing the pizza I ordered on Friday night. Gross, right? But, I did it! I feel like I look like the characters at the end of an action or horror movie when they have just gotten through the biggest, baddest fight scene and they’re tired and beaten-up and bloody, but they survived. I feel like this:

I survived the whole 24 hours!

Yesterday, I took part in Dewey’s Read-a-Thon. It was slow-going at first, then I picked up the pace, really found my stride around hour 12, and, of course, started running out of steam around hour 20.

I am very proud of myself. My only goal was to read for the full 24 hours, and I did. I took 30 minute breaks every 3 hours to complete mini-challenges, but that was part of my plan, so it all counts.

My Stats for Yesterday:
Number of Hours Read: 24
Number of Books Read: 4
Number of Books Attempted: 5
Number of Pages Read: 1164
Number of Reading Updates on Blog: 10
Number of Mini-Challenges Completed: 16
Number of Prizes Won: 0
Number of Wild Animals Encountered: 1 (A skunk on my porch)
Number of Cups of Coffee: 6
Number of Arnold Palmers (tall): 4
Number of Pieces of Pizza: 6

 If you are interested, here are my updates from yesterday and my mini-challenges.

I had so much fun yesterday, and can’t wait for April when the next read-a-thon comes around!