It’s Saturday, when I like to just share the random, disconnected thoughts in my head. I have a whole lot on my plate and they’re not all necessarily book-related. Really, I’m just putting off the inevitable–all those book reviews I still need to write after my Read-a-Thon extravaganza. Not that those reviews will be too much work…I just want to spread them out! I wrote two yesterday…four more to go!

Halloween Costume: What to Do?!

So, as always, I have put off my Halloween costume until the last minute. I am going to a Halloween party tonight and am completely unprepared. Every year, I want to dress up as Dana Scully from The X-Files, but I didn’t buy my red wig and gold cross in time! So, that’ll be next year. At least I found the items on Amazon, so I can purchase them this year and hold on to them for next year.

I’ve put some thought into it (only about 30 minutes worth), and I’ve decided that I want to go as one of my favorite book characters. The easiest one I can think of (as long as I can find a few items) that is one of my current favorite book characters, is Arya Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. I just need to do some tricky work with my hair, find a wooden sword, some sort of beige-y, baggy shirt, and I’ll have a costume. Maybe a cloak too if it’s cold. Then, I’ll dirty up my face, let my hair be a mess (she’s such an awesome little tomboy!) and I’ll be ready to go! Here’s the look I’m going for:

If I get it pulled together, I’ll take a picture and post it here!

Reading Safety Tip: Don’t Open the Door!

When I got home from work yesterday, it was very warm (San Diego, remember?), so I left my front door open with the screen door closed and locked. As is typical on a Friday, I got to work on catching up on blogging and was in my own little world, reading my favorite blogs on my IPad. Walking into the living room, with my eyes glued to the IPad screen, I heard a soft knock on the screen door. Typically, I avoid answering the door (the best way to avoid solicitors is to just ignore them), but unfortunately I was caught–the man at the door had seen me through the screen.

So, I went and talked to the man through the screen door. I won’t describe the man, because it could come off as biased, prejudiced, or even racial profiling. Let’s just say it was a 30-something man of medium build who had a nervous look to him. He told me he was selling whole-sale meats (steaks, shrimp, etc.) from his car or truck or something, and said he was practically giving them away and wanted to know if I was interested in checking them out. I wasn’t thinking anything was fishy, I just don’t do solicitors, so I said, “That sounds great, but I don’t have any cash on me…maybe come back another time.” Persistent, he was, and said he took checks, atm cards, etc., so I just said, “This isn’t a good time, sorry.” Then he quickly replied, “I could just get you a business card,” and before I could say “that would be great,” he literally ran down the porch steps and down the street. I waited for him to return, and after about 5 minutes, I stepped outside and looked for him. There was no sign of a truck, or van, or him…he just took off.

This got me thinking…what just happened, or could have happened here? I see a lot of “MISSING” signs posted around my neighborhood, usually of Hispanic teenagers, and I’ve got a pretty good knowledge base of serial killers (My mom owns a copy of The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers) so I have an active imagination. Was I a potential kidnapping victim? Probably not, although the situation did feel off and peculiar. It could have been a perfect scenario: I walk with him to his vehicle, he somehow incapacitates me and gets me in his car, and then takes off. No one would have noticed for a few hours…actually more than that as my husband was out of the house until 11:30.

Lesson: I need to be careful about always locking my doors (front and screen) when I am in La-La Land, reading. I need to make sure to not ever open my door when speaking to strangers on the porch. Even if I wasn’t in any danger, I always am in danger- I’m a woman. I can’t go jogging unless it’s between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.. It sucks. I always have to be vigilant. So, my purpose in telling this story is to remind all female readers to be cautious of their surroundings. It’s great and easy to get caught up in a book, but don’t lose sight of the real world. There are scary people out there!

A Lot of Love for Buffy Alumni

This week, everything seems to be coming up Buffy. First, Amy at Lucy’s Football, tweets and blogs about seeing Adam Busch (a.k.a. Warren the Tara-killer, leader of The Trio) and his band at a recent show. Then, I got caught up on Supernatural last night and was pleased to be reunited with James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter.

I should inform my readers that I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. This show had a major influence on my viewing and reading tastes and all of the castmembers of the show have a special place in my heart. This is one of the major reasons why I love Comic Con so much–Joss Whedon is the King of Comic Con and Felicia Day (of season 7 of Buffy) is queen, and the rest of the alumni always seem to pop up in some way. Amber Benson (Tara of Buffy) is always contributing to panels on writing, Nicholas Brendon (Xander of Buffy) is sometimes signing autographs, and Nathan Fillion, Eliza Dushku, Anthony Head, always are promoting their ever-geeky projects. Then there is the annual showing of the Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling”, which always is the last event of Comic-Con, where the fans gather to watch and yell “Shut up, Dawn!”, and of course sing along (my favorite is “Going Through the Motions” and Spike’s “Let Me Rest in Peace”). I love Buffy!

So, I’ve been thrilled to have Buffy pop up all week. Especially since my major crush on Spike/James Marsters is apparently still going strong. He appeared as an ages-old witch (warlock? wizard?) on the episode “Shut up, Dr. Phil” on Supernatural and was great as usual. And hot. He’s a bit older, but is still handsome as ever, and radiating Bad. I love James Marsters. It’s still weird to not hear him use his Spike accent, but doesn’t matter. James Marsters still has some sort of hold on me! Well, enough of my crush. Just thought I would share a bit.

So, that’s what’s on my brain today! Enjoy your weekend!