Sunday SalonI don’t need an excuse to read. I can read anytime I want to, with the exception of my working hours. However, I do have that All-American condition of feeling that I must be productive at all times. There is always work to be done! If I ever feel unproductive when reading, I always remember the blog and the review that I have to write. Yet, if I’m not reading, I need to be working on something.

So, when I came down with a cold on Wednesday, I was bummed because my ever-productive side would, of course, push me to go to work, regardless of my sneezes. I kept a box of Kleenex close at hand and assigned my students independent assignments, worksheets that wouldn’t require me to stand at the front of the room and teach, but rather step back and confer with students when needed.

On the flip side, I was also secretly thrilled that I got sick. I now had an excuse to laze around and do what I wanted! I could sit on the couch all bundled up and read until my heart’s desire was satisfied. Or, I could do what I did yesterday, and watch an all-day marathon of Mad Men on Netflix!

Mad Men

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While I detest the congestion, the runny nose, the ever-growing pile of wadded up tissues on my coffee table, I am taking pleasure in turning off my drive to do. No more “Gotta go to the grocery store!” or “Gotta grade these papers!”. I have been kicking back on the couch, relishing the unfolding plot of those womanizing advertising execs and the women who struggle to gain their attention on Mad Men. I also read Olive Kitteridge in the first three days of being sick, which I enjoyed in a reflective manner. I will write a review later this week.

Today, I will begin reading A Room with a View. I debated on Friday between this classic and the young adult Divergent, but the ultimate choice was based upon my stamina. I feel like I have enough drive left in me after reading Olive Kitteridge to read a classic, so I will save Divergent for another time when I need something fast-moving.

Actually, in consideration of my current television-viewing choice, I might throw both books to the side for more of a period piece connected to Mad Men–I’ve got a hardcover copy of Peyton Place in my TBR list that has been dying to be read. Well, I have every excuse to read a lot in the next few days while I get over my cold–I’ll probably read all three this week!