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As some of you might remember, I am at my mom’s house in Sacramento right now. I’ve been up here since Tuesday night. As it is Saturday, the day which I reserve for random, disconnectedness here on the blog, I will share the highlights of my visit thus far.

On My Sister: Erika has really high standards for pretty much everything. It turns out that she doesn’t like The Walking Dead (The characters are unbelievable and cliche. How did Rick find his family so fast?). From this and other critiques, I have determined that Erika is struggling with suspension of disbelief. She has “the Age of Not Believing” syndrome (first diagnosis made by Angela Lansbury in Bedknobs and Broomsticks). That must suck.

She also read The Perks of Being a Wallflower on this trip and had troubles with the plot of that one as well. She had a favorite(to poke fun at) line from that book, something to the effect of “at that moment, we were infinite.” Now, everything to Erika and I is “infinite”. As in, our Christmas decorations this year are infinite. We’re having a good time here!

On Our Itinerary: Along with our down, lazy time, Erika and I have squeezed in some infinite events on this trip. I successfully got her and my mom hooked on Mad Men by showing them the first four episodes. Erika, despite her high standards, really liked it, and is also partial to the dual-natured Pete. I’m hoping she continues to like it and finds the plot plausible.

Erika and I also squeezed in a trip to our former homes in Vacaville. We ended up driving to our first residence there (the house we lived at when I was 11) and getting out of the car to walk to the park where we used to play. We checked out the bushes where, for one day, we hid our secret club. We also peeked at the creek which formed my visual for the Barrens in Stephen King’s IT (which I read in 1990 when I lived there) and Erika identified the picnic table that was connected to my first fight. Erika, at 9, instigated an arm wrestling match between me and some random boy, and we sat at that picnic table where I ended up beating him. Then, he felt his young masculinity was threatened and wanted to fight me. Reluctantly, I engaged, and ended up fighting him off. No real damage was done as far as I can remember.

On Gift-Giving and Altered Christmas Traditions: Apparently, we have altered our family Christmas traditions. I am happy to say that my aunt and uncle are now joining us on Christmas Eve for our Danish Christmas dinner traditions. We will have a full house tonight at our dinner table with 7 (as opposed to the measly 3 we had for the five years after my parents got divorced). Unfortunately, this caused a complication in our Christmas eve gift-giving tradition–we don’t want our aunt and uncle to have to watch us open our Christmas presents after dinner.

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So, we decided to open our Christmas presents last night! I am happy to say that I think everyone was excited about the bookish presents I gave them this year! I did good! I got a bunch of really good bookish presents as well! I received: a Dodocase for my iPad from Erika and her husband, which I really wanted as it makes my iPad look like a beautiful hardcover book; the complete Harry Potter movie collection, A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, and an Amazon gift card from my mom, which were all on my very bookish wish list; and from my wonderful husband who pays attention, I received a beautiful copy of Jane Eyre from Penguin Classics, a Jane Austen candle, a Song of Ice and Fire 2012 calendar, a Jane-a-Day 5 year journal, and in the mail, a cookbook he heard about on NPR. I am so lucky!

A Visit From the Goon SquadOn Reading:Surprisingly, with all of the happenings that go with a visit home for the holidays, I have finished two books already! Upon arrival at my mom’s house, I was halfway done with Divergent by Veronica Roth, and finished and reviewed that on Thursday. Then, yesterday, I began and finished Bartleby, the Scrivener by Herman Melville. It was only 100 pages, but that’s still pretty good considering all of the distractions and tasks I engaged in yesterday. The review probably won’t come until 2012, so I’ll just tell you now that I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m now reading book 99 of 2011; I’m two books away from 100 books! I am now reading A Visit from the Goon Squad, and I’m not sure yet what book 100 will be.

Overall: This has been a very good trip! I’m getting in some much needed quality time with my mom and sister and have reconnected with my dad. Now the husbands are here, so they get to partake in our family zaniness too! Today begins Christmas with our Christmas dinner and many libations and then Christmas with Dad tomorrow, which will involve a ridiculous amount of gifts. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of good family time and merriment! It’s been infinite here!