As many of you probably already know, I’m an English teacher. And being an English teacher, I have to read a lot of student writing. One tool that teachers use to evaluate writing is a rubric. Rubrics are used to help communicate expectations to writers and also help the evaluator put their feelings on a written piece into understandable points (rather than, “meh, this feels like a C to me”).

So, being that I understand how useful a rubric is in organizing my analysis of a written work and in conveying my evaluation, I have decided to create a rubric for assessing the fiction that I read. It is called The Adventures in Borkdom Book Review Rubric! It takes into account the story’s use of plot, characterization, themes, style, originality, addictiveness, re-readability, and threshold quality (how much the story makes me want to read more of the genre, author, series, or other texts related to the reviewed book). I also include two rows for other qualities that stand out for the reviewed piece of fiction. Check out the rubric here: Adventures in Borkdom Book Review Rubric

Hopefully, this will make my assessments of reviewed books more clear and help readers better determine if they would be interested in reading the book. Enjoy!