I stayed out a bit too late last night…one of those rare nights where I went out with friends. I got to dance to some of my favorite old tunes–The Smiths’ “Hang the DJ”, Blur’s “Girls and Boys”, Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. It was a good time, but now I’m a bit groggy. So, my readathon is off to a slow start!

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

But, as soon as I finish writing this, it will commence! I am going to finish The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss by the end of the weekend! I’m pretty excited because, yesterday, one of my commenters, The Other Watson, stated that the last 300 pages were his favorite, and that he read the final 200 in one sitting. So I’ve got some really good reading today!

I’m at page 767, so I have roughly 230 more pages left to read.

It’s a rainy day here in San Diego. I’ve got my favorite, comfy robe on. I have lit my Jane Austen candle for a good bookish scent. The couch is calling my name! I will check in here again in about two hours. Hopefully, I will have read at least 40 pages by then (the going is so slow with this book!).

Update 1:

Well, I didn’t start when I said I would. Not even close. I just started reading about 45 minutes ago. Before I started, I was emailing, commenting on blogs, reading blogs, and then I decided I wanted a fattening hot breakfast for this chilly wet day. So, my husband and I went to the local greasy spoon joint and each ordered a plate of chicken-fried steak, hashbrowns, eggs, and toast. It was delicious with a good cup of coffee.

Once I got home, I finally sat down and got to reading.  I did get close to 40 pages read, and I think this book is really about to kick into high gear. I think Kvothe is about to step up to the Adem people who have been training/threatening him. It’s hard to describe, but the last 40 pages have been like a classic ’80’s movie training montage, and now the Adem are threatening Kvothe, and when I stopped, it looks like Kvothe has had enough and is ready to get all Arcane on their asses! It’s gonna be good!

This montage is for Kvothe and readathoning me today!

I think I’m going to finish this book today! Even though I got a late start, it’s all good because my husband left for San Clemente a little while ago, and I think he’s going to spend the night up there. What that means is I get the whole house to myself to be a true readathoning bork!!! I can be in my own little world in the house with my book and not have to worry about anybody but me! Yes! So, I might make it a true readathon and be up late tonight reading–I really want to take advantage of this rare occasion.

So, it’s on! I will check in here in another couple of hours! How’s your reading going, friends?

Update #2: 

So, my prediction was wrong… but Kvothe has just gotten into a tussle with some ruffians. Pretty tuff, that Kvothe. I am at page 866 now, and I am fairly confident that I will finish this book tonight. No big deal if I don’t, but I’m going strong. I’m taking a short break right now to check in and make some dinner, but I plan to keep on reading through the evening. It’s still raining here, and I am still enjoying it.

For some reason, this theme song has been stuck in my head for the last 24 hours…To keep with this post’s ongoing sharing of song, I give you The Kids in the Hall theme!

Update #3

I have 20 pages left to go. Surely, I will be done within the hour. Well, that wasn’t so hard, now was it?

Denna, Kvothe’s love interest has just reappeared in the story. Earlier this week, I had planned and began to draft a character sketch of Denna. That didn’t happen, but now I’ll at least share what I think is the perfect love theme for Kvothe and Denna. It’s Candy’s Room by Bruce Springsteen.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow, finished with The Wise Man’s Fear, and bubbling with excitement over the beginning of The Waste Lands by Stephen King. Good night!