Hi friends!

It’s been a long while in blogging time, but I think I’m back for this weekend.

I have been working like a Crazy Horse due to it being testing time at my school. Gotta get my kids proficient so that I can get my job back next year!

Plus, I just got a tad bit burned out on books and talking about books. No joke, I haven’t read a book since the Readathon…I’m still working on A Clash of Kings, and I’ve barely made any headway! But, I’m gonna work on it this weekend (three-day!) and will hopefully be caught up to the battle of Blackwater Bay by Sunday night when I watch it onGame of Thrones.

That’s one thing that I have been good about–watching TV. Mad Men: it’s getting good! Game of Thrones: goddamned Joffrey!

However, I have missed being here…I wouldn’t mind working on a Top Ten this weekend. So, I’m gonna see if I’m ready to talk again. I’m not sure if it will be the same as before–I have a lot of interests other than books that I’d like to talk about. So, I’m gonna ruminate over what I want to do with Adventures in Borkdom over the weekend. Look for me on Twitter, I’m going to try to be active there this weekend too!