Ummm, so you guys? I have to tell you that I’m so excited…I’m going to Comic-Con tomorrow!

This will be my fourth year attending Comic-Con, and I can’t wait! Comic-Con is like Disneyland for nerds, dorks, and, of course, geeks. Borks too.

I’ve already planned out my schedule, and the major highlights for me will be:

  • My annual Guild panel
  • Game of Thrones panel
  • The Walking Dead (comic) panel
  • The Walking Dead (TV show) panel
  • Supernatural panel
  • Both of the Ray Bradbury tribute panels (featuring Joe Hill and Margaret Atwood)
  • Locke & Key panel
  • Buying toys
  • Annual Seth Green sighting
  • LARPers battling outside
  • Buying a new geeky tee
  • Discovering new comics
  • Seeing Dethklok perform on the Midway
  • Any other surprises

    Comic-Con Seth Green

    Annual Seth Green Sighting

I’m also super-stoked because Antarctic-huh? will be making its premiere on Thursday. Antarctic-huh? is a yet-to-be-released web series that my friends have been working on in their backyard for the last two years. I would include a link to the trailer, but I’m not sure where to find it on the internets. What is super-exciting is that it is being supported by Tim Heideker (of Tim and Eric Awesome Show) at The Casbah, and that we will have a booth at Comic-Con to attract potential viewers. It’s a very exciting time!

So, I’m just giving you the heads-up that I will be super-active over here on the blog with any and all of my Comic-Con adventures. Ideally, I’ll be tweeting lots of pics and posting updates as I go through the day. I wonder if the convention center has wi-fi, because otherwise I will have a HUGE AT&T bill this month!

If you’re at all interested, please check back here throughout the next five days for all of my adventures!!!