Comic-Con is finally here!

Last night began the Comic-Con awesomeness with Preview Night. I headed down to the Con with some of my closest buddies Caveperson*, Dougie does Dallas*, and my hubs Stinky*. We found parking downtown around 6:45, and walked on down to the convention center.

Dougie does Dallas, leading the pride.

Preview Night is usually especially awesome because there really aren’t too many people. This year seemed different–there were quite a few lining up for the Comic-Con exclusives. There aren’t any panels on Wednesday night (except for previews of upcoming TV shows), so this is a great time to scope out the floor.

Comic-Con Preview Night

This year started off awesome: Caveperson and I were really hoping to get a Supernatural Comic-Con bag, but unfortunately were handed a Big Bang Theory one instead. Not a fan. But, then, surprise surprise, while waiting for Stinky to finish his first of nine or so bathroom breaks, two conventioners saw our bags and wanted badly to trade. And what kinds of bags did they have? Supernatural, of course! “Uh yeah!” So, obviously, this will be the best Comic-Con ever.

Comic-Con 2012

Best Comic-Con Ever!

Once we got on the floor, I made Stinky wingman me on over to the Image comics booth. I really wanted to get The Walking Dead 100 commemorative comics, my first line of business before all of the crowds arrived. Stinky navigated me on over (he’s really a pro at the floor) and then muttered “oh, shit it’s Kirkman”. Sure enough, there was Robert Kirkman, in all of his good guy glory, signing autographs at the Image booth.

Having read the just-released 100th issue of The Walking Dead, a very horrifying and heartbreaking edition in the series, I immediately felt my heartstrings tugged. Here was the man who broke my heart today. I was surprised that I didn’t hear anyone harassing him about it–fanboys and girls can be ruthless to their beloved gods.

On a side note, Kirkman really is a good guy–you should’ve seen the STACKS of materials he was signing for fans. Each fan seemed to bring to him at least 10 items, and he signed them without any sort of reluctance. Typically, you can only get up to 3 or 4 items signed. Kirkman is awesome (and cutthroat).

I was surprised to find that Image Comics wasn’t selling ANY Walking Dead 100 issues. I was directed to any of the comic sellers on the floor, who would surely be selling them. Lame!

I’d get to that later. Next, Stinky and I met up with the rest of the gang at the Antarctic…huh? booth. As I mentioned in my last post, Antarctic…huh? is the awesome show created by (and in their backyard and apartment) my good friends Matt Hoyt and Jason Sherry.

Some awesome artwork for Antarctic…huh? by Jason Sherry and Andy Ward. Click the Kickstarter link to the Antarctic…huh? Kickstarter campaign!

This summer is HUGE for them because of

A. the Comic-Con booth

B. their Kickstarter campaign

C. their promotional show at The Casbah, which will also feature Tim Heidecker and JP Incorporated

It was truly surreal to be standing at our own booth at Comic-Con (I say “our” liberally, of course. The most I’ve contributed to the show has been moral support, and a one-time clacker job. “Take two!” But, nearly all of my best buds are in, or contribute to the show.)

Our booth!

This is where I beg my readers for support. Please click on the Kickstarter link above or here, check out the trailer for the show, and contribute to the cause. If you’re at all a fan of comedy, independent ventures, awesome artwork, and the odd and different, you’ll appreciate this show. Thanks for checking it out!

After a lot of goofing off with my Comic-Con crew, I took my faithful Stinky (or he took me) to Mile-High Comics, where I purchased a few copies of The Walking Dead 100. One of em’s for you, SJ! Super-stoked!

One for me…one for you!

The short Preview Night was pretty much over at this point, so we all walked down to a local restaurant where we imbibed good beer and ate some really good burgers. That was it for Wednesday!

So, today is all about The Walking Dead (comic) panel, checking out more of the floor, supporting Felicia Day at the Geek and Sundry spot (I need to get going–it’s at 10!), and tonight’s big Antarctic…huh? show at the Casbah!

Again, if you’re at all interested in my Comic-Con adventures, follow my tweets on Twitter!

*These are official Comic-Con monikers.