Man alive, is writing hard!

I have staged a few comebacks here at Adventures in Borkdom, but none have taken as much effort, nor have been as inspiring, as writing a post for my good friend SJ.

SJ, as you may or may not know, has been hosting the most awesome of awesome readalongs with her Putting the Blog in Balrog (PtBiB). This is one thing that I have been very faithful in doing during the last month–my weekly PtBiB readings of Tolkien. While reading along, I have been trying to engage in the PtBiB conversations over at SJ’s Snobbery, as well as drinking along and tweeting with my fellow PtBiBers during our Friday night viewings of the LOTR films. I’ve wanted to contribute more to the group and our effort in the way of writing, so I got to work on a biography post on Tolkien for SJ’s site.

After reading a biography on Tolkien, written by Humphrey Carpenter, I spent most of Sunday and Monday writing the 3,540 word bio-article. And wow! That was rough!

I had forgotten how hard it is to write! They’re really not joking when they say “writing is a muscle that must be exercised regularly.” No shit! But, the work was done, I submitted it to SJ, and she published the first half of the post yesterday. If you’d like to read it, click here: Classic Authors: They’re Just Like Us! JRR Tolkien part one. The second part will be published tomorrow at Snobbery.

While it was a helluva lot of work to do, seeing my writing published and appreciated made me realize how much I missed serious blogging. Committed blogging. Not just random posts every couple of weeks. I think it’s all or nothing for me: I can’t just dabble in anything.

So, I’m going to propose right now that my goal for August is to get back into blogging full time. For reals this time.

I have a plan.

What I mean to do in August is the following:

– write reviews again, both full and mini-sized

– lifestyle posts (what’s going on in my life besides books)

– memes on occasion (they’re fun and good for ideas)

I’m also planning on (and already working towards) a new weekly feature here at Adventures in Borkdom tentatively called “Inspired Acts”. This would be a weekly post in which I detail some sort of activity I take part in that relates to something I have just read. For example, I just finished Hatchet, and so I will be taking a hike in the mountains in honor of the book, and will share details from the event and connections to the book here on the blog. Look for my first installment sometime later this week (I’ve got to figure out when I can fit in a drive up to the mountains!).

I’m pretty excited about August, and I am thankful to SJ for giving me the opportunity to re-enter blogging via her site. She’s always very supportive of me, and writing for her was an honor.

In the meantime, look out for tomorrow’s post, which will be full of mini-reviews on all of the books I have read since my last review (I’m thinking this will cover about 10 books at least). Also, don’t be surprised if the look of my blog changes–the Vertigo theme has been cool, but I think I’m ready to get more bookish again (might even go back to my old look, not sure).

Oh, one other thing…at some point in late August, it will be my one-year blogging anniversary. Therefore, obviously, this is a month of celebration and writing. I’m not sure what the celebrating will look like (probably some book giveaways or something), but it will happen in some way, shape, or form.

As always, thank you, any, and all, readers still reading. If you stick around, I promise I’ll keep putting out stuff for you to read!

– Mandy