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Oh man. Last night’s television was one for the books! One show almost made me weepy, while the other gave me nightmares! Here’s a bit of recap and my reflections upon Mad Men‘s “The Other Woman” and Game of Throne‘s “Blackwater“.


Mad Men: episode 511 “The Other Woman”

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Last night’s episode was exactly what I was hoping for…and nothing like what I expected. After Don’s epic speech last week, when he rallied the SCDP troops into working hard to win the Jaguar account, I knew that the show was about to delve into my favorite topic: work at the office! I love when the creative team is pulling all-nighters, trying to find the perfect pitch and now that Don is back into work-mode, I knew the next episode would be awesome.

And it was, but looking at the title, I should’ve known it wouldn’t be about work. Well, not advertising work. This week was all about prostitution.

The SCDP gang, led by Pete Campbell, was prostituting Joan off to some Jaguar creep. Megan was prostituting herself off in an audition (not literally, but it felt like it). And, while Don abstained from the Joan-selling, he treated Peggy like a prostitute when he flung wads of cash in her face. Then, Peggy went and sold herself to Don’s nemesis. All the while, the creative team was working on a pitch for Jaguar that sold the car as the mistress every man wants. “Finally, something beautiful you can actually own” (or something like that).

My thoughts:

  • Damn you Pete, I love you! You are such a creep, and I wish I knew how to quit you. For whatever sick reason, I’m still a Pete fan. He’s just so damn tragic.
  • I wonder if Lane is going to get caught in his illegal money dealings. Why didn’t you just talk to Don?! You’re just getting in thicker and thicker. Two more episodes left of the season…I hope nothing too terrible happens to Lane.
  • Oh Joanie, Joanie… on one hand, my larger hand (picture a huge hand a’la the Foo Fighter’s “Everlong” video), I am sickened by the idea of you having to sleep with that icky orc to help the firm land Jaguar. On the other hand, I remember you in season one, when you were hooking up with other icky old dudes, trying to get a ring on your finger. You’ve got a ring on your finger, and now you have a partnership. The crappy thing is, everyone knows that you slept to the top. Not a very feminist viewpoint, I know, but, like Cersei said in tonight’s GoT episode, the greatest weapon a woman has, besides tears, is the one between her legs. Cersei’s got a point, and she’s a queen, and “what would it take to make you a queen?” asks Pete Campbell.
  • In a parallel with Joanie, I think Megan will soon need to do whatever it takes to become a successful actress. Whatever it takes. Good times are in store at the Draper house!
  • My precious Peggy. Role model and icon.  I have been frustrated with Don’s treatment of you this season, but I’m still all about Don. I despise the idea of you working for that little twerp over at the rival agency. It won’t be the same for you, and I don’t think you’ll like it at all. I am proud of you for standing up to Don, and hopefully this will wake him up a bit, but eventually we will need you to return to SCDP. You can’t go. Ugh. Almost wept at the hand-kissing goodbye.

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: “Commisions and Fees”

Not that the trailer really gives us any hints. As usual, I have NO IDEA what’s coming up!

Game of Thrones: episode 2.9 “Blackwater”

Image Credit: HBO.COM

Finally, we have battle! Last night’s episode focused solely upon the pivotal Battle of the Blackwater Bay. It…was…epic!

The funny thing with this battle is that viewers (and readers) are really rooting for neither side. The evil Lannisters or the lame Stannis? Neither please! But, there’s Tyrion on one side–we love him! And there’s Davos the Onion Knight on the other side–he’s a good guy! It’s a pyrrhic victory either way you slice it. Here’s my thoughts on the episode:

  • Written by George R.R. Martin! Yes!
  • Love you Tyrion. You sweet, genius little man! You want love from Shae, friendship from Bronn, and respect from your family. Your only means seems to be the Lannister coffers. You have all of the above from me for free!
  • Loved the shots of the incoming Stannis ships. It felt like I was watching the opening Normandy scenes of Saving Private Ryan. For a fantasy nerd like me, I can count the Battle of Blackwater Bay worthy of memorial on Memorial Day. Plus, it reminded me that I need to pop in Band of Brothers for my annual viewing!
  • Son of a bitch (literally) Joffrey! “Kiss it” he says to Sansa. You kiss it, you little psychotic dweebazoid coward! He is such an idiot. I enjoy yelling at the TV “Joffrey, you are so stupid!” as much as I used to enjoy yelling “shut up Dawn!” at the TV when watching Buffy. I love the Joffrey scenes.
  • Bronn vs. The Hound. Who would win? Bronn is very quick, as he points out. Yet, The Hound can obviously take a licking and keep on ticking. I’m not sure who I’d stake my money on, but I think The Hound owns a little bit of my Westeros heart. So, I’d want him to win.
  • Ever since reading A Dance with Dragons, I am obsessed with watching Varys at work. He is so clever, and I am always trying to figure out what deception he’s up to and when he’s being honest. I enjoy his scenes with Tyrion, and tonight’s brief talk between the two was one of my favorites. I, like Varys, despise the sound of church bells because it reminds me of weddings.
  • Whoo! Wildfire! I was as giddy as the little pyromancer! Big shocker that the wildfire was like porno for the little pyro!
  • Finally, Cersei is showing her really sinister side. Her talk with Sansa in the Red Keep really reflected whom I know Cersei to be–an evil bitch.
  • Stupid pretty boy Lancel. He looks like he stepped off of the set of Velvet Goldmine. Can’t you just see Lancel in a Ziggy Stardust outfit?
  • What happened to Tyrion’s chains?
  • I can’t remember who that man was who struck Tyrion down. Ser Boros Blount? Ser Meryn Trant? One of the Kettleblacks? Gotta reread!
  • Saved by lil Podrick Payne!
  • I knew she wouldn’t, but I wish Sansa would’ve gone off with The Hound. I have a sick fantasy where they fall madly in love as they journey across Westeros. Never would happen, but still. Is this how fan fiction starts?
  • Tywin to the rescue…unfortunately? And who’s that with him? Ser Loras Tyrell? He kinda looked like Lancel for a minute there, but Lancel would never be in such a heroic situation.

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: “Valar Morghulis”

Thank goodness! Based on the trailer, and the title alone, I know we get to see Jaqen H’ghar once more. I was a little worried there when Arya and friends stepped out of Harrenhal without saying goodbye. One last episode, and then it will be another long wait!

Did you watch either of these episodes last night? What were your thoughts?


Everything in my brain is coming out in pauses. My thinking has been stunted from little sleep. So, I’m not going to write much here.

I had something already planned and written out to post today, but I’m really out of it, so I’ll probably post it tomorrow.

Why am I so tired? Because….

I finally caught up on Season Two of Game of Thrones last night! It was a late night viewing with a friend who is starting the graveyard shift tonight at her new job! Good luck Leigh! Speaking of this graveyard shift, we all, of course, groan when we think of working the hellish hours of 11pm to 7am, five days a week. But, Leigh doesn’t have it too bad. Guess what she does…

You can’t guess how wonderful her late-night job is, so I’ll just tell you:


So, she spends the wee hours of the night/morning caring for little orphan kitties who mew all night and need cuddles and milk and love! It’s a lot of this:

Cute kitten

and this

Another cute kitten

and this

Another kitten

but truly it is this:

only it’s in San Diego.

So, to help her get used to her new late-night schedule, I proposed that we watch the first two episodes of Game of Thrones at 10:00 last night. Except, that I’m always tardy, so I got there around 10:30. Then, we had one of our lovely pre-watching discussions, recapping where we last left off, and what can be expected from the first two episodes.

We started around 11 or so, and it was good! I was very satisfied! I loved the new additions to the map in the opening credits (episode one included Dragonstone and episode 2 included Pyke). They changed the order of events a bit in the first episode, but it stayed true to the book for the most part. Of course, some sex was interpolated, but not as much as the second episode! I don’t mind all of the sex, it adds a bit of color to the Westeros world, but I’m sure a lot of viewers were disgusted by it. As long as the show is true to the story, and as long as Tyrion continues to rock it like he does, I’m happy!

And Joffrey…that SOB (ha! literally in this case!)…he is such a little…I love Joffrey’s character. I love to hate him. He is so very, very awful. And the kid who plays him is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I love shaking my fist at the TV and growling his name. Last night, in episode 1, I especially loved my first re-introduction to this little asshole via this scene, which also is our reunion with Tyrion and (ugh) Sansa:

Leigh and I kept wondering about and pitying the viewers that watch the show without ever having read the books. How do they possibly know who these new characters are and where they are? I personally love the lack of set-up and exposition in each scene, as I have read the books and come fully prepared with all of the necessary history and back stories needed for each scene. But, episode one zooms right in on Stannis and Melissandre and Dragonstone without even so much as a subtitle explaining where they are. I wonder if viewers are able to figure it out from the little bits they get from the scenes. Do they even remember Stannis being discussed in Season One, when Neddard Stark discusses him with Renly and others? Do they remember Renly?

Even I am having trouble remembering some of the details not shown on the show, so (of course) I am adding yet another book to my Currently Reading list. Geez, where am I at now? Seven books? Egads, I’ll never finish any of them with this kind of fractured focus.

It doesn’t matter…I’m reading A Clash of Kings again, the only book in the series that I didn’t re-read last year in anticipation of the publication of A Dance with Dragons. That’s probably what I’m going to be doing today…reading about 210 pages of that.

I’m starting to wake up now, but this is it for me today. I’ve got a lot of reading to do!

Post Script: On a GOT-related note, when I googled “Game of Thrones” for adding my links, I saw this Forbes article come up: Will the ‘Game of Thrones’ TV Series Overtake the Novels?  Uh…NO. I haven’t read the article yet, but my hackles are up anyway. No. What are you talking about, Forbes? Don’t be ridiculous. Good attention-grabbing title though.

I don’t know where my head is lately.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I really should have written this post yesterday, but I didn’t. Instead, I was fuming after getting abandoned by my ride home from work yesterday (I called my husband to pick me up after work when I found my coworker had left me behind). Then, I waited for the car dealership to call me to let me know that my car was ready for pick up. At 5:15, my husband drove me to pick it up–of course we were stuck in traffic for a while. Once we got there, I realized that I had left a pot of water boiling at home (I was in the middle of making pasta when we got the call for the car). So, Jesse had to rush home to save our old wooden house from certain conflagration. Once I got home, I was done.

So, while my mood is improved, I am definitely still insane.

But, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and after receiving a cute text message e-card, I got into the spirit and sent a few of my own last night.

At this point, you’re maybe wondering why my husband and I didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day. Well, even though we have significant others, a part of our singleton mentality has survived, and we have never celebrated Valentine’s Day (except for the first year we dated, except that doesn’t really count as we we simply went out on Valentine’s Day to get drunk at a local gay bar as he was upset about his car being stolen earlier in the day. He blamed the car theft on watching The Notebook. He thought he was being punished for watching The Notebook). No, Jesse and I celebrate our anniversary on Feb. 1, although we forgot this year (again, where is my head these days?).

But, anyways, the point of this post was to share the awesome TV show-related e-cards I texted out last night. So, here they are!

So, I received, from my good friend Leigh, this card:

Leigh, is my number one Lost buddy, so this was awesome. She is also my number one Game of Thrones buddy, so I sent her this one in reply:

 After this, I got into the spirit, and sent my family some e-cards:

For my Mad Men-loving sister:

And my Breaking Bad-loving Dad:

And my Walking Dead-loving husband:

And for myself, I sent (not really sent, but saved) this, for my Downton Abbey-loving self:

So, Valentine’s Day is just one day that the world says is designated for love. That’s lame. If you care about someone, you should tell them any and every day! Why not send them one of these lovely e-cards?