2011 has been a huge year in reading for me. I’ve read a lot! Probably more than I have ever read in a single year. I’ve also read a lot of different genres.

This year, I began participating in reading challenges. Specifically, I participated in one major undertaking of a reading challenge: The Seasonal Reading Challenge at Goodreads. This challenge consists of about 30 tasks, each with a different theme, many requiring multiple books read. For this year’s Spring challenge, I really went all out with gusto to meet all of the tasks. While I didn’t end up completing the challenge, I came pretty damn close, with almost 30 books read just in the month of April alone! By completing so many different tasks for this challenge, I ended up reading a lot of books that I never would have considered picking up. For example, I read On the Beach by Nevil Shute simply because it took place in Australia. I ended up really liking this book, as I did with most of the books read for the challenge.

Because I read so much in 2011 before I started writing this blog, I have decided to dedicate each day of this week to the “Best of” certain genres I read, and will include a mini-review for each book not already reviewed on this site. Here is my schedule for the week:

Monday: Top Non-Fiction/Memoirs Read in 2011

Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Books of 2011 (All genres)

Wednesday: Top Classics Read in 2011

Thursday: Top Adult Contemporary and Young Adult Read in 2011

Friday: Top Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Read in 2011

Saturday: 2011 Reading Stats and 2011 in Review

Meanwhile, the countdown is on to Saturday, the last day of 2011, the last day for me to have completed my goal of 100 books read. I’m pretty confident that I’ll meet that goal (I am reading my 99th book right now).

So, until 2012, all reviews are put on hold! Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!